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Terms and Conditions

1: Acceptance of these terms and conditions

1.1 By accessing or utilising the BookwithOwner.com website (referred to in these terms and conditions as the "website") you are thereby acknowledging that you agree, and are subject to, these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are a legally binding agreement between you and BookwithOwner.com. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you can not access or otherwise utilise the website.

2: About BookwithOwner.com

2.1 The BookwithOwner.com website is operated by Goholidays Ltd which is registered in England and Wales with the company number 3994655 at The Old Town Hall. Temple Street, Llandrindod Wells LD1 5DL.

2.2 The website provides a venue where holiday accommodation renters (referred to in these terms and conditions as "renters") can view advertisements which describe and illustrate holiday properties. The holiday properties are offered by third parties including property owners, holiday property managers, and lesees of holiday properties (referred to in these terms and conditions as "owners").

2.3 The website is a venue where Renters and Owners can interact. BookwithOwner.com is not, and does not become, party to any contract between Renters and Owners. In case of dispute between Renters and Owners, BookwithOwner.com does not provide mediation.

3: Accuracy of information in the website

3.1 BookwithOwner.com provides a service enabling Owners to display holiday rental accommodation on the website, and enables Renters to contact Owners directly. We do not own or manage any of the properties listed in the website and do not become involved in, or take responsibility for, any issues relating to booking arrangements or management of properties. We urge Renters and Owners to take a responsible approach to any transaction or contract entered into as a result of either advertising or renting a property listed in the website.

3.2 The property information displayed in this website is published in good faith. As it is provided by Owners, BookwithOwner.com does not guarantee that it is accurate.

3.3 Information displayed in the Website is not advice, and should not be relied upon when making, or deciding not to make, any decision.

3.4 BookwithOwner.com may require Owners to provide documentary proof of their ownership of a property prior to acceptance of their advertisement. Owners agree to fully indemnify BookwithOwner.com against any costs or claims arising from inaccurate or misleading information in their advertisement.

3.5 BookwithOwner.com reserves the right to decide upon the design and layout of advertisements, and to make any changes at our sole discretion, without giving prior notice to owners. We endeavour at all times to display text, pictures and supporting information provided by Owners accurately and completely. We reserve the right to amend or delete, at our sole discretion, content submitted by Owners if it does not comply with terms relating to quality or permitted information. We will accept no liability for loss as a result of any changes we make to design, layout or content. We do not enter into correspondence on changes we make to design, layout or content.

4: General terms

4.1 Your use of BookwithOwner.com shall only be for lawful purposes and you agree to use the website in a way which will not negatively affect its performance or its security.

4.2 Users agree to fully indemnify BookwithOwner.com against any liability, claims or costs which we incur as a result of infringement of any of the terms and conditions in this agreement.

4.3 BookwithOwner.com does not guarantee that the website will function continuously or without error, or that any errors will be corrected. We may alter the design or functionality on the website at any time, without giving prior notice.

5: Owners’ rights and responsibilities

5.1 Owners can place one or more holiday property advertisements on the website.

5.2 By using the BookwithOwner.com website or content management system as an Owner, you agree that your use of these is subject to the terms and conditions. You may not use the website or content management system if you do not agree with these terms and conditions.

5.3 Owners who use the BookwithOwner.com website or content management system confirm that they have the legal power and authority to accept bookings for rental of the Property. Property rental contracts are made between the Owner and the Renter, and BookwithOwner.com has no involvement in such contracts.

5.4 Owners whose use of the website is in breach of these terms and conditions may, at the sole discretion of BookwithOwner.com, have their access to the website and content management system suspended or denied and their advertisements removed from the website. In such case, no refund of any fees paid will be made.

5.5 Advertising is on an annual subscription basis, and the applicable price depends upon which listing type has been chosen. Listing types are: Standard Listing, Multi Property Listing and a Lettings Agency Listing.

5.6 A Standard Listing can represent one clearly identifiable self catering letting unit, or one bed and breakfast establishment. A Multiple Property Listing can display and describe multiple self catering letting units at the same location. A Lettings Agency Listing can display and describe multiple self catering letting units at multiple locations.

5.7 Advertisements of all Listing Types have the same features and content limits, which includes one calendar, one prices table and one location map.

5.8 Discounts against the published rate are given for multiple subscribed advertisements, at the following rates: 5% off 3 or 4, 10% off 5 to 9, and 15% off 10 or more.

5.9 Advertising prices are displayed in the BookwithOwner.com website. Advertising subscriptions can be ordered and paid for online via the BookwithOwner.com content manager with a credit or debit card. Subscriptions run for one calendar year from the date of payment.

5.10 We reserve the right to amend the price charged for advertising in the Website at any time. Prices are published in the website, and renewal of advertisements will be at the prevailing price at the renewal date.

5.11 Fees paid for advertising subscriptions are non-refundable in the event that the Owner wishes to remove an advertisement from the website before its expiry date.

5.12 Owners agree not to place contact details including telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, website addresses, Skype user names, Twitter user names, Facebook page addresses, postal addresses or any other communication contact details in the editable content areas of their advertisements.

5.13 Owners may place up to three telephone numbers (two for display in the advertisement and one for delivery of SMS messages), and one e-mail address, in the fields intended and labelled for these purposes in the content management system.

5.14 Owners agree at all time to provide accurate details of their identity, contact details and information about the Properties described in their advertisements.

5.15 Owners agree to ensure that the descriptive information and pictures in their advertisements are complete and accurate during the period of subscription.

5.16 Owners agree to maintain accuracy of availability and prices in their advertisements. The date when the calendar was last updated will be displayed above the calendar on each advertisement. If the availability displayed in an advertisement has not been updated for 60 days, we reserve the right not to display the availability calendar in the advertisement, and to omit the property from the results of availability searches.

5.17 Owners agree to keep their login username and password secret, and not to share it with any third party. BookwithOwner.com managers and staff will never ask Owners for their username nor password. If an Owner believes their account is being used in an unauthorised way they agree to inform BookwithOwner.com about this at the earliest opportunity.

5.18 Advertisements and advertising subscriptions can not be transferred to another party. If a Property is transferred to another Owner who wishes to continue advertising it in the Website, the Owner who placed the advertisement should contact BookwithOwner.com.

6: Content and content management

6.1 BookwithOwner.com endeavours to provide online content management facilities for creation of, and editing, advertisements, but does not guarantee that these will be available continuously. BookwithOwner.com will give no refund or repayment in any form if the content management facilities are unavailable for any reason. BookwithOwner.com may withdraw online content management facilities, or revise their scope and functionality at any time and without notice. Any online content management facilities are provided 'as is', and BookwithOwner.com will not enter into correspondence about any aspect of them.

6.2 BookwithOwner.com provides support for aspects of its service which are covered by the subscription fee. Requests for support must be placed via the Support area of the content manager (accessed via the link titled 'Support' which is at the top of every page). Support requests sent by e-mail will not reach our support team, and will not be actioned. Owners agree to submit support requests which clearly describe the issue for which they are requesting support. Requests for support which are insufficiently specific about the issue being raised will be closed without response.

6.3 BookwithOwner.com makes available a booking system which subscribed Owners may use. There is no charge made for this in the subscription fee, and Owners making use of it warrant that they understand and agree that, if they choose to use it, they do so at their own risk and will not request support regarding it. BookwithOwner.com offers an optional support service for Owners using the booking system, for which the price is £100 per year. The booking system support service can be requested via the Support area of the content manager, and, following payment of the fee, BookwithOwner.com will offer support for relevant issues regarding the booking system.

6.3 BookwithOwner.com reserves the right to determine the design of the Website, the layout of its search results pages and individual advertisement pages, and the content and precedence of items published on each page.

6.4 The BookwithOwner.com advertisement layout has been designed for the presentation of one letting unit. Within the self catering category this means one cottage, house, apartment, caravan or other type of unit. For advertisements in other categories, this means one accommodation establishment – eg bed and breakfast, hotel, hostel, campsite, caravan site, holiday park. Whilst BookwithOwner.com may at its discretion permit the mention or description of more than one letting unit or accommodation category within one advertisement, the Owner understands and agrees that the advertisement will be listed in one category. In advertisements where the sleeping capacity of a Property is relevant – primarily self catering Properties with a specific number of sleeping spaces – the exact number of sleeping spaces is shown. A range showing 'from' and 'to' sleeping capacities is not displayed.

6.5 BookwithOwner.com may at its discretion alter any of the pictures and/or text content which form the published content of advertisements.

6.6 Website and booking system links will be published at the discretion of BookwithOwner.com. These can redirect to a website or booking system solely marketing the Property, and cannot be used to redirect to any website or booking system which promotes or enables booking of other properties.

6.7 All text submitted by Owners must be in upper and lower case. Mis-spellings and incorrect punctuation are not permitted. Text intended primarily for search engine indexing and repeated words or phrases which are superfluous to the meaning of the Advertisement when read by a human are not permitted.

6.8 All photographs uploaded by Owners must be of, or directly relevant to, the Property being advertised. Photographs with text overlays are not permitted.

6.9 BookwithOwner.com may at its discretion, and without notice, withdraw access to online content management facilities from any Advertiser who uses it to contravene these terms and conditions.

7: E-mail and telephone communications resulting from advertisements

7.1 The enquiry forms and telephone numbers (where published) in BookwithOwner.com advertisements are in the public domain, and therefore provide a way for any person to communicate with the Owner.

7.2 Owners agree to accept all such communications generated by their advertisement, and acknowledge that BookwithOwner.com takes no responsibility for the content or intent of any such communications, and will not become involved in managing the response to such communications.

7.3 In cases where an Owner suspects that a communication is not a genuine enquiry about booking the Property listed in the advertisement, BookwithOwner.com has no responsibility in deciding whether or not the Owner should respond to the enquiry.

8: Copyright

8.1 All intellectual property of BookwithOwner.com, including trademarks, logos, graphics, website layout and design, text, photographs and information displayed in advertisements and all other pages of the BookwithOwner.com website, and all other intellectual property rights of the Website, are and remain property of BookwithOwner.com. By using the website you warrant that you respect the intellectual property rights of BookwithOwner.com and will not for any commercial purpose download, copy or reproduce any material from the Website.

8.2 It is the responsibility of the Owner to ensure they have the right to use any photograph, digital images, text and any other information published in their advertisement. The Owner undertakes to indemnify BookwithOwner.com forthwith on demand against all claims, costs, actions, expenses, demands and/or proceedings which we may suffer or incur in connection with or arising out of any copyright infringement for such photographs, images, text or other information.

8.3 Owners grant BookwithOwner.com royalty-free licence in perpetuity to use content for promotional purposes.

9: Liability

9.1 The liability of BookwithOwner.com in connection with these Terms and Conditions and/or the provision of any advertisement or other service by us pursuant to these Terms and Conditions will not exceed the price paid by the Owner for the relevant advertisement or other service. BookwithOwner.com will have no liability for loss of profits, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings nor for any other indirect or consequential loss.

10: Modification

10.1 BookwithOwner.com reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without giving prior notice.

11: Severance

11.1 Should any clause of these terms and conditions be ruled unlawful, all other clauses of the terms and conditions shall remain in place and in force.

12: Indemnity

12.1 You agree to indemnify and hold BookwithOwner.com and its employees and agents harmless from and against all liabilities, damages, legal fees, losses, costs and any expenses with respect to any claims or action brought against BookwithOwner.com alleging or arising out of or connected with any content submitted by the Owner for inclusion on the website, any use of the website by the Owner, and any contravention of these terms and conditions by the Owner.

13: Force Majeure

13.1 If the performance of this agreement or any obligations in these terms and conditions is prevented, restricted or interfered with by reason of earthquake, fire, flood or other casualty or due to strikes, riot, storms, explosions, acts of God, war, terrorism, or a similar occurrence or condition beyond the reasonable control of BookwithOwner.com, we will be excused from such performance during such prevention, restriction or interference, and any failure or delay resulting therefrom shall not be considered a breach of these terms and conditions.

14: Jurisdiction

14.1 This contract will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the England and Wales and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.