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About Book with Owner

Since 1999 we’ve been helping accommodation owners generate bookings via our Wales accommodation guide, Stay in Wales, where the emphasis has always been on facilitating direct contact, enabling owner and guest to make a deal without our involvement.

Why, after all, would you need a middleman if you can reach your market and are capable of managing sales yourself?

Over time, many sites and concepts have come and gone, and the market is now dominated by a small number of platforms which sell bookings, rather than advertising, assuming control of transactions and, with them, a sizeable cut of sale values.

The age-old concept of buying directly from the seller has, however, stubbornly refused to go away.

The objective of Book with Owner is to provide the public with a straightforward way to find accommodation, get in touch with owners, and book directly with them via their own channel, with no service fees to inflate the price they pay, and no platform fees or commission to erode owners’ margins.

How we plan to achieve this

A resource like this is, of course, only as useful as the depth of content it presents.

During launch phase we're offering 1 year listings free of charge. In the longer term, to provide and market the service, and develop the website, we'll need to cover costs. We hope we can make Book with Owner a sustainable generator of low-cost leads for your business.

How will Book with Owner reach enough customers?

You can help. If you like what we do spread the word: tell other people about Book with Owner, and link to us from social media or elsewhere.

With over 20 years' experience we know how to be found online, and convert site visitors to customers. It’s about you as much as it’s about us: we provide a great site; you provide a great product.

Our concept – no commission or service fees – has appeal to guests and owners alike. It's a much lower cost way of booking, with direct contact from the outset. We hope this will encourage social sharing and other online linking.

Our outlook

Each £1,000 of booking generated by the big players costs at least £150 in commission, service fee and/or owner fee. Serious enterprises are looking for at least £10k/pa per property these days which, at that rate, is a £1,500 marketing cost. It can be done for far less. Why ever would you pay so much?

We aim to provide converting response for our advertisers at a fixed price (currently £59/yr) which is far lower than the big sites charge, and we believe it’s possible.

Book with Owner offers real contact between real people. There are no communication barriers, and we have no involvement (aside from technical) in communications, or transactions you make.

If you’d like to receive direct, commission-free bookings, why not give us a try? It could be worth it.

This is the real sharing economy.

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